And the Summer Begins.

Summer '09 has officially begun, and it just so happens to be off to a great start with my being extra busy this past weekend.


My brother's eighth grade graduation. The whole ceremony was surreal to me; it's hard to believe that my baby brother and all of his peers will be joining me in high school in the fall. Not only are they growing older, but I am too; I'll be graduating high school in just two short years, and then heading off to college. Wow.

My Outfit:

black zip blazer: grandma
cream ruffle tank: target
black belt: forever 21
black & blue bandage skirt: h&m
black patent sandals: target
wayfarer-style sunglasses: wet seal

I never got a picture of my brother's outfit, but he looked "pretty spiffy" as my mom described. He wore: a navy blue blazer with bronze buttons, white & blue striped button down, red&white&lightblue striped tie, and khaki pants. Very preppy, and very Nigel (that's his name).

No outfit picture, but my day was definitely interesting. My mother and I went along with my brother to a graduation party thrown by my bestie Emily's younger sister. It was a lot of fun, and the food her mother made was basically amazing. Oh, and I met John Corzine (the governor of my 'wonderful' state - NJ); it just so happens that Emily's father is an assemblyman for the state and friends with the governor as well. He was surprisingly nice, and very sincere, and as he was leaving kissed my mother on the face. Yeah, I know. When he was good and gone I LOL'd soo hard, I almost cried.


My uncle came up to NYC from Charlottesville to visit my grandparents for his birthday so my mother, my brother and I drove out there for a late lunch/early dinner. We originally planned to go to Hudson River Cafe, but the the kitchen was closed to begin their dinner preparations. Instead, we walked down the street to this Italian place called Cova, and I'm glad we did. The food was fantastic, and the people were nice. Well, besides a few prissy teenage hostesses, but hey what can you do.

My Outfit:

black zip blazer: grandma
purple strapless bubble hem dress: forever 21
gold heart necklace: forever 21
bangles: all over the place
colored bauble ring: some museum
black patent sandals: target
flat-top sunglasses: wetseal

Today, I did a whole lot of nothing which included reading various blogs and rummaging through my clothes, ultimately finding a coral pink strapless terrycloth romper that I'm currently wearing. Wow, was that a ridiculous run-on. The rest of the week should be pretty mellow, and then I'll be down the shore this weekend, WHOOHOO!


Anonymous said...

I love your sandals and I saw them on the Target website a while back but could never find them in the stores. I'll have to look again soon!

rotten_ones said...

thanks for the comment. i like those gladiators.


Anonymous said...

You changed your hair!

Clara said...

great blog! i love your sunglasses!
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May Kasahara said...

I'm loving these outfits ♥
so glad the warm weather is finally here (ignores the rain outside)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, i have been trying to remember your blog for the longest. I linked you to my other blog and i just recently trashed that one and made a new one. But thanks for the comment, oh and i think you can find bustiers at topshop ... but unless you don't live in New York you will probably have to go online and order.