Wow, it's been a while. I've been so caught up with schoolwork that I've barely any had time for anything else. As of now though, I'm finally finished; last thursday was my last day of classes and friday was honors convocation. I had exams Monday (Latin&Alg2), Tuesday (English2), and Wednesday (Modern European History) and they were all dress down days! But I'm almost certain that I'd wear these outfits on a regular school day.


"the love makes peace" tee shirt: forever 21
printed scarf: mommy
black leggings: h&m
gold gladiators: urban outfitters


black & white plaid button down
printed silk scarf (as a belt): mommy
denim leggings: target
black patent sandals: target


grey v-neck: target
yellow printed scarf: mommy
black leggings: grandma
gold gladiators: urban outfitters

It's kind of crazy that I've already finished two years of high school and I only have two left. This summer will be fantastic though, I'll be working again, participating in Lead For Diversity, and doing a lot of partying. Oh, and of course I'll have summer reading for AP US History and AP Writing...that might take away from the fun but I'll get over it, I hope.


maureen said...

lovely outfits! I took European History this year too, LOVED IT, but not the AP test part of it, of course!
eeeek, i don't think i could handle two more years of high school, I graduate saturday, and i couldn't be more excited..but you'll probably enjoy every minute of it and not rush through it like i did! :)

.cocobutterlipbalm said...

lovely outfits - i especially love the plaid shirt! I think your blog is very quirky and cute and I would really appreciate it if you would check out my blog - http://cocobutterlipbalmx.blogspot.com/ - become a follower, and perhaps comment on my posts

keira antoia rose said...

Summer reading for AP english was not too bad for me! I have to do the AP History reading too :(

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

La Fée said...

ahhh you have such cute sandals!!!