Outfits to Fair the Cold Weather.

Some more outfits from this week.


black cardigan & ribbed tights & silver flats(not shown) & oversize pearl earrings: Target
loose white tank: Gap
black & blue bandage skirt: H&M
skinny red belt & black elephant necklace: Forever 21
ridiculous amount of bracelets: all over the place

I didn't do much, just spent the entire day freaking out about an AP Bio lab report.


black & white buffalo plaid shirt: Old Navy
yellow scarf: my mother
oversize pearl earrings: Target
red skinny studded belt: Forever 21
ridiculous amount of bracelets: all over
black skinny jeans: Pac Sun
black boots (not shown): Bare Feet Shoes

I had an AP Bio test first period, had my first detention, and watched an absolutely terrible basketball game. We won, but the other team was absolutely sad; I think we won by 40 points.

Sorry for the decline in posts lately, but midterms are next week and I've spent most of my time studying. I won't have any time for posting this week, but I'll definitely be back around next weekend when I'm finished. Wish me luck!


grandma said...

good luck and cute studded belt!

Mary said...

You know how passionately in love with everything you wear I am...

Good luck on midterms!

May Kasahara said...

pretty lady~~~!

good luck with your tests~

Secretista said...

So chic.

yiqin; said...

I want a red studded belt! All the best! study hard :)

Austere said...

Good luck on midterms! I absolutely love the belt.

Anonymous said...

I have IB Biology, and we had a design lab to do on cellular respiration within the fungus yeast. Bio is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

and nice outfits.

Anonymous said...

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