Outfits & Whatnot.

It's about 230 am and I can't sleep. Instead of staring at the wall for another hour, I figured updating would be a good idea. Obviously, as you can see I added an outfit which I wore today. It's not especially interesting but it was comfortable considering I felt like crap. Thankfully I was able to wear my new cheetah print flats because it was about 60 degrees today, and it's supposed to continue to get warmer. Boy, am I excited about that, especially since I spend a lot of my time walking to other buildings on campus during the day. I wore my favorite yellow roxy hoodie with the outfit because a) it was chilly in the morning b) i needed the extra comfort. So any opinons ? All are appreciated, unless you're bitter and rude for the sake of it. I've
of had a lot of stupidity and rudeness thrown at me lately, and I really don't need more of it. So thanks in advance.



Flora said...

Nice outfit! The yellow really suits you.

Heather said...

your shoes look divine!

Clair said...

I love the shoes!! The hoodie looks comfortable, too.

Wendy said...

I adore the heart necklace! It really can make every outfit. If I had those flats, I'd be excited to wear them too.

Marissa said...

Cute! I LOVE the red outfit. And it looks really good on you!

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