Just An Outfit.

Just an outfit for today, well tonight really.

navy blue blazer + purple piping: Old Navy
white v-neck: Fruit of the Loom
black elephant necklace: Forever 21
tons of bracelets: all over the place
grey skinny jeans: Pac Sun
tall black boots: Bare Feet Shoes

The debut of my new blazer! I got lots of compliments, it was nize. I didn't do much of anything today. I went to school and learned things and then managed the boys JV & Varsity games. JV actually won, haha it was great. The varsity game was AMAZING though; they won at the buzzer in overtime. It was SUCH an intense game, haha. Tomorrow I'm going to a dress fitting becasue I'm in my friend Jacque's cotillion. I have the best escort ever; he's super chill. Hmm, I'll see if I can take pictures of the dress, it's supposed to be really really pretty. Wednesday I have my first detention ever, and a Varsity basketball game. Should be interesting.


Secretista said...

Is that Seventeen magazine in the background? :D

MONAE. said...

cute boots

Anonymous said...

Nice boots. You're blog is inspiring.