Spring Break & Laxin` Hard.

I'm finally on Spring Break for the next two weeks. This means, relaxation, two major projects, and the lacrosse spring training trip. We started practice last week, and it was honestly pretty hard. We did long distance runs every day, went through drills, and then did different types of scrimmages. This week we have two-a-days practices on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I'm kind of excited for those because I'm pretty sure the weather will be better than it has been for the past couple weeks. Finally on Friday, we leave Florida for spring training. We do a clinic that other schools are involved it, and practice basic drills and techniques. We also scrimmage the other schools. I'm pretty excited though, mostly because we have adorable scrimmage uniforms, and brand new sweatshirts! My uniform has my favorite number 31, because my birthday is on Halloween. The sweatshirt is great because it has my name on the back! I don't have any pictures because my camera's dead, but I'll be sure to add some soon.

So basically, that's what's been going on in life right now. I don't know if I'm going to update after Friday, because I haven't chosen whether or not to bring my laptop yet. I most likely will, so I can work on projects and homework. Until next time!



sridevi said...

Thank you! The first and third are Urban, and the second is Forever21. I'm jealous you're going to Florida!

Marilyn Hayward said...

Ahh spring break! want to link up, hah?

Secretista said...

Lucky. My Spring break is A WEEK.