Current Addictions.

White Hanes T-Shirts (V-necks and Crew necks):
- These tops aren't the most stylish, but I have to admit they're mighty comfortable. Plus I can wear them with almost anything without getting into trouble for dress code. Also, they're so versatile. I wear some shirts for school, some hanging out on the weekends and at home, and others for lacrosse practice. I'm ready to buy a new set of mediums, the only size that I don't currently own, haha.

Slightly Oversized Polos:
- Recently, I was running low on clothing to wear for the week, so I decided to wear my school polo that I hadn't worn in years. I simply threw on a pair of black skinny jeans, a tank top, and the polo over it, and wore my usual accessory of a pendant necklace. Since then, I've decided to get more polos in the same style. I like them because I can roll or fold up the sleeves and pop the collar, and it makes me feel badass, haha.

Black Skinny Jeans
- Because I don't like wearing pants, and according to my school's dresscode we're not allowed to wear jeans, my alternative has become black skinny jeans. I have three pairs, and I wear them weekly with just about everything. They're really comfortable and very flattering. Plus, I get a great deal of compliments about the wash of them. All three are pretty different. So yes, I love my black skinnies.

Pendant Necklaces
- Pendant necklaces happen to be the only type of accessory I can put on without being irritated. Bracelets usually cause me to itch, and rings impede my writing. Therefore I stick to pendant necklaces. I only have a few; my black elephant from a friend, a red anchor from another friend, and a silver heart from my grandmother. I guess in a sense pendants are one of my signatures. Many of my friends, family, and classmates know me for wearing them.

Square Silk Scarves
- As of now I own two silk scarves, both taken from my mother''s closet. She was quite stylish in her day. One is red, gold, black, and possibly has a little cream. The other is a great mix of colors, gold, blue, green, black, and purple. If you look around at other posts there are pictures of both scarves. I'm not completely sure why I love them so much. It must have to do with the fact that I'm obsessed with bright colors and things with a sheen to them. At the moment, I'm on the hunt for some more. I'm pretty sure they sell or sold them at H&M, so I'll be sure to look there first. I'll also be sure to look for square cotton scarves, and regularly wrapped long scarves.


ChiliLady said...

hey, i really like your blog...maybe we can exchange links? :-)

Marilyn Hayward said...

ahhh I too am obsessed with white hanes v-necks and square scarves...I have probably 30 (due in part to a thrifting addiction..sigh).

Fashion Student said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I can understand your obsession with scarves. I have a few vintage silk scarves and wear them all the time. Especially when I'm wearing a basic outfit. I'm going to add your link to my blog.

Marilyn Hayward said...

I would share with you if i could! :)

Samii Styles said...

Hey Sammie we have the same name, different spellings.

Just wanted to say hi!

Cute blog!

karle warren said...

Hey, thanks. I really enjoy your blog. I would, if I only knew how.

lol, i'm new to this whole blog thing.

Alley said...


emsie said...

I really like some of your outfit choices below. I agree about the scarves too! I wish we had more thrift shops nearby.


sridevi said...

I love v-necks -although I usually buy Fruit of the Loom because they are less boxy compared to the Hanes. And pendant necklaces are wonderful as well, so casual-chic.

Wendy said...

I need some Hanes v-necks. Plain tshirts get the most wear.