They're Over !

I'm finally finished with midterms, and extremely excited about it. All of the exams weren't nearly as hard as I expected them to be, and the week itself was pretty fun. Because I didn't have classes I was able to hang out with my friends on campus once I was finished with each exam. Friday was an especially good day because I went to a party at this fondue restaurant, The Melting Pot with some of my friends, it was pretty fun. Hmm, I don't have much of anything fashion wise to add at the moment, but I will be posting my dress for Winterball soon. I just have to take a picture of it. The dress is quite adoreable. It's similar to the Alice and Olivia babydoll dress with the sequins. The difference is that the my dress is from Forever21 and only cost about forty dollars with shipping as opposed to between 300 or 400 dollars. Well that's really all I have for today. I really should be practicing my music for honor chior. I'm supposed to memorize it, and I haven't even begun to look at the music yet, oh dear.



schminnie said...

congrads for surviving!

bianca banca said...

YAY, you have a blog!
im linking you!
Im done mind-terms tommorow
physics and S.S. ughh, i am sooo scared for physics

bianca banca said...

ahhh i loved chem! I dont really know why, i was really good at it though. So i moved up to high physics this year
turns out well in chem did not mean i would do well in physics

Wendy said...

I love Forever 21 for its ability to copy designer stuff and vend it for really cheap. Congrats on finishing the exams!

Karine said...

I also love fashion,dancing and singing.(All the best)


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lee jones said...

the babydoll dress with sequins sounds awesome. that's sweet about you being finished midterms. i just finished exams last week... soooooo WEEK OFF! haha it always feels nice.