RIP Snazzy Glasses

Today, my glasses broke. I took them off to clean them and they split in half. At first I just looked at them, and then I just began to yell for my mother. Sadly, she couldn't do anything about it because my warranty has long been over ( I bought the glasses in September 2006 ). So why get so upset over a pair of glasses ? They're probably the best pair I've ever picked out for myself. I felt that they gave off that cool geeky chic vibe, and they had a lovely black & clear checkered patteren. The pattern sounds a little bit tacky, but it's great; well in my opinion at least. As of now, I'm wearing my spare pair, bronze rounded square metal frames, boo. Hopefully I'll be able to get a new and even better pair soon. Pray for me ? Haha, just kidding but I really would like to get a new pair soon.


schminnie said...

Im sorry for your glasses, but as people say (even though its corny), if you close one door another one opens (I think thats how it goes)

Sammie said...

haha thank you.

i'm trying to get a new pair as soon as possible. for now, i'm wearing my glasses from 7th grade i think; somewhere around there.

Tiana said...

That sucksss!
I wish someone'd break my glasses so I could get newer chicer ones.

Flora said...

If that happened with my glasses, I'd be fucked. I can barely see without them..