Christmas 2010

h&m sweater/target leggings/h&m beret/f21 necklace/dolce vita x target oxfords
The Christmas Outfit...I'm trying to get Nigel back on board as photographer. Let's hope for that.


yiqin; said...

Nice shoes.

M I N G said...

omg, so cuteee :D love your style

Moya2bean said...

ur shoes are a killer! love it!


ProperPosture said...

Your shoes are to die for.

Happy New Year

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Valencia Shanelle said...

I love your style! Really cute shoes

R. Gratz said...

Your Christmas sounded like it was just perfect and with this stellar outfit how could it not have been??!! I had tons of crazy things going on, it would be nice to change the pace a bit.

Hope ya had an amazing way to ring in the new year!! :D