vintage blazer/f21 top/target leggings/h&m wedges/f21 necklace/f21 earrings

It's finally starting to look and feel like winter...I'm not sure if I'm ready for all of that yet. Please excuse my apparent inability to keep a straight face, ever. Also, my Columbia decision comes out on Thursday. I'm so excited and nervous; I can't even stand it.  

That's me being fashionable/photoboothing after school. I am SUCH a cool cat.


yiqin; said...

awesome hair.

Shelley said...

One of my favorite series of pics yet... keep 'em coming!

morgan said...

Really cute outfit.

Did you get in?

M I N G said...

I like your hair.. I used to wear mines like that all the time. outfit is cuteee too

Moya2bean said...

love ur hair? and ur outfit!!! eeeee! lol!


Phone Sex said...

I guess she wa better in 'The Girl Next Door', though she was also in 'Old Skoal' as a naughty school girl and she was quite nice in that too.