A Wonderfully Dreary Sunday.

blu reed top, levi's jeans, target flats, claire's earrings, f21 necklace

Today was pretty eventful despite the dreadful weather. I went to an Emory info session (SO IN LOVE WITH THAT SCHOOL) and afterwards, Target run with Mommy. Oh, fun fact - today was the first time all summer that I've worn jeans. I'd really consider myself more of a skirts, shorts, leggings kind of gal. Whatever though.

In other news, my younger brother, Nigel has named himself as official blog photographer. That picture above is what I call "Coolest Mistake Ever - Take 2"


.sabo skirt. said...

we are loving stripes at the moment!

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xx .sabo skirt.

yiqin; said...

Awesome owl necklace!!

Check out my giveaway in my blog :D

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Haha, the owl necklace is so cute! I wanted to buy something very similar from ASOS.

Ms. K said...

Please tell Nigel to keep the "oopses" coming!

Emory, huh?

Emily and Abigail said...

great top and shoes!!


♥EMMA said...

loving the necklace, seeing some very simular things in topshop at the moment :)

rachel said...

thanks for the lovely comment, the photo shoot is up now!
and I really want a jumper/top like that :D
cute outfit