The Boyfriend Jean.

So apparently boyfriend jeans are supposed to be one of the many "big trends" this spring (although they've been popular for quite a while), and one that I will not be partaking in. On Wednesday while on vacation in Charlottesville, I was browsing in American Eagle and came across this pair:

As you can see they're pretty standard; plenty of rips & tears all around, loose throughout, and cuffed at the bottom. I loved how they looked on the rack, but on my body was a completely different story. Basically, I looked much shorter than I already am and a little bit butch even, thus leading me to stay far far away from this trend. So much for that one.


Ellie said...

They look really laid back and comfy, but I think I would have the same problem as you. I don't really wear jeans as it is (or pants even, lol).

Leslie said...

Great find!

May Kasahara said...

I'm staying away too I think.
I can imagine this wouldn't work on me very well.
But I do love the ones you posted!

Anonymous said...

They look like an agricultural choice of denim. LOL I half hate them, half like them for thier comfortable look.