Horrible Day Turned Better =)

Today was a pretty shitty crappy day. I got my period this morning, and at first I was fine. No cramps, nothing. Then after lunch I started getting HORRIBLE cramps, it was hard to walk, and I was beginning to feel dizzy, it sucked. So, I ended up leaving science class and sleeping in the nurses office for about an hour and a half. When I woke up I headed back to the upper school wing, and called my mother to figure out how I would get home. So I chilled around for about two hours with my friends, and hung out with more friends when they came back from swim practice. Finally at six o clock, my ride came and I slept on the way home. When I got home, I saw an opened Forever 21 box, and that immediately made me feel better because I got my NEW SUNGLASSES ! Haha, as you can see I'm extremely excited, and they look good on me, well at least I think so. So yes, today turned out to be a pretty sweet day. Especially since the cramps are gone.


Wendy said...

Sweet shades! Surprises always make my day end better.

dress for the image said...

Ah...that sounds like a crappy morning but the sunglasses look great and now you appreciate them even more!

Cee-Cee said...

hope you are feeling better!!
like your sunnies!

schminnie said...

um. TMI?
Anyways. Nice sunglasses. Ive never ordered from f21..maybe now I should

bianca banca said...

weird i started my period monday too! twins. haha i sound really creepy. For once im actually happy to get it because im going to florida later in the month, so i know i wont have it for that :). ok sorry for the extremely personal life story

i love love love your sunnies, they look so cute on you!!and scarf is really nice too!

Stararah said...

Nice shades and scarf!

I like your blog. :)

MyOwnBiggestFan said...

Aww poor thing, I never have cramps for some reason! Tahaha. My mom gets them really bad like you as well.

Oh my, your glasses are to DIY for!


PS: the person that said tmi should try to NOT sit on a long ruff stick before she comments blogs. =)