Embracing My "Inner Nicki"

Picture this: You're hell-bent on being Nicki Minaj for Halloween but the wig you bought is just NOT working. What are you going to do? Well, you could just opt for black hair and cut your bangs on a whim...the consequences can wait. If you're me, that's precisely what you would do. At first, I was really NOT a fan, but these bangs seem to be grown on me - haha, bad hair pun, couldn't help myself :)

 Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, & Lady Gaga 

So, this is the new hair. Longer than before because well, hair grows but the bangs are a new addition and are here to stay...at least for a while. As of now, I'm no longer known as "Sam or Sammie" my friends, classmates, and even my mom have begun referring to me as Nicki Minaj. It's not so bad though, she's a great rapper with a sick and sexy sense of style. 

target blazer/black tank/BDG leggings/f21 necklace/f21 earrings/h&m circle scarf/spring oxfords
thrifted blazer/jcrew v-neck/h&m leggings/f21 earrings/h&m wedges

Two outfits from this past week. With the chilly weather lately, blazers, leggings, and close-toed shoes seem to be the way to go. I bought the black wedges this past weekend and I am SO in love with. They're deceptively easy to walk in, especially because they have no platform and are about four inches high. 

Meh, also it's Hell Week for the fall drama production! We're performing Mary Zimmerman's Arabian Nights. I'm beyond excited because it's the first show that I'm acting in. Historically, I've been the go-to girl for costume and makeup business...I still plan to do that, just while acting. Though this week will be beyond stressful, I'll try to update as much as possible. I don't want to leave you all hanging for another month. That would be lame and bad.


Jasmin said...

Love the photos! Cute! And great outfit. I'm in need of a blazer.

Sharifa said...

I love the bangs! Super cute on you :)