Making My Way Back.

Wow, it's been a while. School is almost out & I won't be doing much but working this summer, yet again. Expect brand spankin' new posts by the middle-end of next week?

Anways - http://www.formspring.me/samanthasaid; ask me something.

Also, here's a Prom teaser:
Rachel by Rachel Roy - Macy's

Aren't they to die for?


Today's Outfitgrey top w/ flower detail - Marshall's
shorts - from a friend
belt - Dad's
shades - from a friend
...not sure on shoes yet.


April said...

omg, love the shoes, i can't wait to see the whole look!

Shelley said...

FanTAStic shoes!

But we need better lighting in the "today's outfit" studio...


(TOLD you I'd visit.)

Janet Victoria said...

i love your top!!

pls visit my blog ;)

Caylie said...

Thank you love!!! <3

I love your top, it's super cute.. hehe :)



Fashionprincess said...

Like your blog! If you want, follow my blog too and leave a comment. I've just started my blog a few days ago, and I hope I'll have soon more "followers". Thankyou.