And So It Begins.

Tuesday (090809)
faux leather bomber vest: target
grey pocket v-neck: ????
black & blue bandage skirt: forever 21
cobalt blue flats: target
gold pendant necklace: forever 21
gold hoop earrings: claire's
silver&black magnetic bracelet: grandparents
Surprisingly, I stuck to my planned outfit (see last post), but I did change a few things - the shirt, bracelet, and shoes.

Wedesday (090909) purple boyfriend cardigan: american eagle (by way of marshalls)
cheetah print & black dress: target
black patent sandals (not shown): target
silver elephant necklace: forever 21
black & gold flower earrings: forever 21
silver & black magnetic bracelet: grandparents

Junior year is officially underway. I started school Tuesday, and basically hit the ground running. This year I'm taking: AP Writing, AP US History, Honors Chemistry, Pre-Calc, Women's Vocal Chamber & Latin IV. I was nervous the whole summer about starting school(especially because of my APs), but honestly my classes really aren't that bad. It's just a lot of work...a TON of work but I'll manage.


Miss Ressie said...

ohhh i like the elephant neckalace
good luck to u and ur junior year
its my junior year too i know it can be hard work im takin AP US History, AP English, and Pre-cal too

keira antoia rose said...

You have great jewelry! Those bright shoes are great. I would buy a pair!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Anonymous said...

Cute outfits:D
I like the vest in the first outfit and the flats,I can never find any that look like that:D I remember when i started my junior year of high school, it went by so fast,and now i'm a stressed out senior:S,lol,but I hope you have a fun school year:D

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Wats gud, i just found your blog out of the blue, and I love it, it's hot. It's such a coincidence that I have the same Marc Jacobs picture on my profile, the one where he's kissing himslef in the mirror, good looks.

Sharifa said...

awww thanks for the love,dollface. I love those blue flats,gimme:p

Anonymous said...

the necklace is really cool

Christine L. said...

Hey great blog!
I love the necklaces! Especially the elephant one! It's so cute. :)

Lindi's Wonderland said...

wooow I love the blue shoes =)

Secretista said...

I just might find out where you live and steal your elephant necklace!

Anonymous said...

i nominated you for a blog award:D

Anonymous said...

no problem, you were one of the first people i thought of,when thinking about nominations for beautiful and gorgeous blogs:D

Mo said...

Wow, I love that elephant necklace, it's awesome!
Those shoes are pretty sweet too.

workhard said...

The second outfit is cute and i like the elephant necklace

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