Hey There :)

Hello, hello, hello. I know I've been a terrible blogger lately but July & August have been super hectic. Between work, shopping, reading, and trying to make time with friends/family, updating hasn't been one of my top priorities! I'm back now though, and that's all that matters, emirite?

Although I've been gone, I have been keeping up with outfit pictures even though I generally haven't been wearing anything substantial - my work uniform consisted of my 'staff' tee shirt, shorts, sandals, and assorted accessories. For example, my outfit for the last day of work:

work tee shirt: from the boss
black nike dry-fit spandex: dick's sporting goods
black patent sandals: target
pink & white animal print scarf (tied into a bow): banana republic
stack of bracelets: grandpa
heart pendant necklace: forever 21
large gold hoop earrings: claire's
flat-top shades: wetseal

The last day we had a pirate themed carnival so I figured wearing hoop earrings and a scarf would be appropriate. On a whim, I tied the scarf off into a bow and it turned out looking really great. It's cute but not too "cutesy" if you know what I mean.

Next up is one outfit worn in 3 different situations. I'm usually not one to do that but I just love this particular outfit THAT much.


* Party honoring my mother's best friend adopting her son *

teal cardigan: old navy
grey & white animal print romper: H&M
black patent sandals (not shown): target
black elephant necklace: forever 21
stack of bracelets: Grandpa
large gold hoop earrings: claire's
black half-rim sunglasses: wet seal


* My friend Telsha's 16th birthday party *

pre-party photoboothing.

during party.

*i'm in the back in the 2nd picture*
gold & black medallion necklace: forever 21


* A day in the city with Grandma - included "Models As A Muse" exhibit at The MET, walking through Central Park & various other parts of the Upper West Side, eating at Saigon Grill (90th & Amsterdam on the Upper West Side, check it!), and taking a nap before Mommy Dearest came & got me. *

gold medallion necklace: forever 21
flat top shades: wet seal

Finally, I have yesterday's & today's outfits. Sunday I went into Queens to see my cousins and take my younger brother back home to Dirty Jerz; the day was hot but relaxing. Today was my first of four days of SAT Prep. The classes themselves aren't bad; I wasn't all to thrilled to be back at school just yet.


white v-neck: american apparel
denim shorts: kohls
gold gladiators *new, no pictures yet*: marshall's
black printed scarf (tied in a bow): mother
gold & black medallion necklace: forever 21
large gold hoop earrings: claire's

black & white buffalo plaid shirt: old navy
black under armour shorts: dick's sporting goods
gold gladiators: marshall's
stack of bracelets: grandpa
gold & black medallion necklace: forever 21
large gold hoop earrings: claire's


Annie said...

Please can you make your text bigger. No-one has a hope in hell of being able to see that im afraid.

Anonymous said...

Love it, i especially love the romper. Amazing.

Oh & on the dress- it's cutouts not a belt.

keira antoia rose said...

Love the romper. It looks so good on you. I really want to buy one, but am afraid they don't fit me right :/ I'll see on today's shopping trip.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Anonymous said...

Cute outfits! I wasn't able to read much at the bottom though, the words got smaller and smaller ;)

Indy said...

Wow...you have such great style! Your outfits are groovy! I love this blog!

yiqin; said...

I love the bun you've done intour hair.

Samantha Smikle said...

you are the cutest! thanks for checking O.M.O. Writes!

somedaynewyorker said...

Great teal cardigan. That color looks great on you.

May Kasahara said...

LOVING your hair.